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Play With Purpose

Lately, we’ve been noticing a trend.  More and more we are finding videos, articles and organizations that are finally catching on to the importance of ‘play’ in our lives.  It changes how we learn, develop and even de-stress.  So, when we met the folks from Sharp As A Tack at ChiTag this past November, we couldn’t wait to partner up with them.

Sharp As A Tack is a private group based in Chicago, IL that have been developing new programs and workshops to help students learn through game play.  Their tagline, Play With Purpose, sums up the many varied workshops and lesson plans they have created that allow students to improve their own academic abilities and understanding.

Sharp As A Tack’s Mission Statement:

“To help students improve their academic achievement by developing their cognitive abilities and to help them develop important life skills that will lead to a lifetime of success in the classroom, in the community and within their families.”

Recently, they hosted a Young Author’s Workshop over President’s Day weekend to offer students some “screen-free” game play that would stimulate their creative processes.  They then help the students use those creative juices to make written works of art!  Here are some photos of the kids having fun with our Bananagrams and PAIRSinPEARS games.


To  learn more about Sharp As A Tack’s incredible mission, please take a look at their website and keep tuned in for further updates on our work with them!  Click on their logo below to be redirected:

Mar 2012
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