Quiet sons. Nose quits. Sin quotes... What are they all anagrams of? Questions! And here are some of the questions we're asked most often. If you have a question about one of our games that's not answered here, though, drop us a line via info@bananagrams.com - we'll do our best to answer it.


Can I make the same word more than once in a grid?
Why, yes you can! If the word is acceptable in itself, we don't mind repetition - we don't mind repetition at all!


If two players say “PEEL” at the same time, do you have to take one tile for each of the “PEELS”?
No! No matter how many players say “PEEL” simultaneously, every player picks up just one new letter.


What if two or more people say "BANANAS!" at exactly the same time? Is it a stalemate?
You can decide the winner either by agreeing it will be the person with, say, the most words in their grid, or the longest single word. Just be sure to agree which tie breaker you'll use before you play! You'll also find alternative tie breakers in 'The Little Book of BANANAGRAMS'!


If a player finishes a round of BANANAGRAMS but forgets to say “BANANAS”, do they still win?
Officially, no... No bananas, no win!


Are replacement tiles available if I've lost some?
Yes. Send us an email via infous@bananagrams.com with a list of what you need, - we'll mail them to you. Well - within reason; up to 3 tiles will be replaced!


What is the letter breakdown for BANANAGRAMS?
There are 144 tiles in the game; they are:
  A=13, B=3, C=3, D=6, E=18, F=3, G=4, H=3, I=12, J=2, K=2, L=5, M=3, N=8, O=11, P=3, Q=2, R=9, S=6, T=9, U=6, V=3, W=3, X=2, Y=3, Z=2.



Are you allowed to pluralize words?
Yes, adding an 'S' as the last/first letter of a new word is fine.


In Applescore – the scoring version of Appletters – do the remaining tiles held by the loser count as negative points?
No, points only count positively. The remaining letters are simply put back into the CORE for the next round.


When a tile is used for more than one word in Applescore, does it count as one point per word?
  Yes, a letter scores one point in each word.


If I lose some tiles, are replacements available?
Indeed they are! Just email us at infous@bananagrams.com with a list of what you need - we'll mail them to you.



Is there a solitaire version of PAIRSinPEARS?
Not at the moment!


In Pairpoints – the scoring version of PAIRSinPEARS – do the remaining tiles held by the loser count as negative points?
No, points only count positively. At the end of each round simply mix up all the letters and redistribute them to the players.


When a player uses an invalid word in their pair, do they lose all their points?
No, that would be harsh! They only lose the points from that round.


In Pairpoints, when the same tile is used for more than one word, does it count as a point in each?
Yes, each time you use a letter it wins one point.

If tiles are lost, are replacements available?
Yes, please email us via infous@bananagrams.com with a list of your missing tiles - we'll mail them to you.



Is there a time limit for each round?
No - but remember: the first player to complete a grid and yell “ZIP” wins the round, so work fast!


If both players finish and yell “ZIP” at the same time, who wins?
No one - just replay the round and spare yourself an argument!


Can a player use all 12 cubes to make one long word?
Emphatically, yes! As long as the word is legitimately in the dictionary, then it's acceptable. Remember, no proper nouns!


If cubes are lost, are replacements available?
Yes, please email us at infous@bananagrams.com telling us which cubes you have left… We’ll work out what’s missing and mail you some replacements!



Is one kind of fruit worth more points than the other?
No, all fruits are worth the same unless you agree a change in rules before you start.


Can any variation of dominoes be played with FRUITOMINOES?
Any game that you play with a double-six domino set works... But a game such as Mexican Train, for example, that need a double-nine set of dominoes can't be played with FRUITOMINOES.

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— Cindy Crawford
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— Kelly Clarkson
"(I'm a) self-proclaimed Bananagrams champion..."
— Andrew Luck | Indianapolis Colt's Quarterback
“Why it's fun: Manages to be speedy, challenging and super-simple at the same time.”
— AARP Magazine on Zip-It
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— Jimmy Kimmel
“I love Bananagrams.”
— Ellen DeGeneres
"Maggie Smith loves it. They'll be like 'can we have you back on set' and she's just like [imperious wave of the hand] 'not now.' "
— Lily James, Lady Rose on Downton Abbey
"...one of my favorite games ever, Bananagrams – a fun, fast,addictive word game that will become a family favorite"
— Katie Couric