Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Limerick! It's not just a city in Ireland… Being a short poem, 'limerick' is also a legitimate BANANAGRAMS word! To celebrate St. Patrick's Day here are some limericks. Try to come up with some of your own!

Here's a St. Patrick's Day rhyme
That tells of a wonderful time:
Want plenty of smiles?
Make for a word game sublime!
A BANANAGRAMS lover called Neil
Played a hand while he ordered a meal
He said to the waiter
“Please hold my potata -
I can't eat while I'm trying to 'PEEL'!"
There was a young fella named Dan
Who always made plots, schemes and plans
To beat all his betters
While laying down letters
He's a fan of BANANAGRAMS!

There once was a Bananagrams fan who jumped out of bed
And played a quick round before being fed
Her stomach started squealing
As her mom kept peeling
So she enjoyed corned beef and cabbage instead

"We all love Bananagrams – such a fun game for all ages!"
— Cindy Crawford
"Playing Bananagrams with friends! I love this game! I was just named Bananagrams Ninja! Be afraid, I’m amazing!"
— Kelly Clarkson
"(I'm a) self-proclaimed Bananagrams champion..."
— Andrew Luck | Indianapolis Colt's Quarterback
“Why it's fun: Manages to be speedy, challenging and super-simple at the same time.”
— AARP Magazine on Zip-It
“Can you spell P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-O-N”
— Boston Globe
“Bananagrams go Hebrew. We’re kvelling!”
— Cool Mom Picks
“Good luck prying this anagram game [Bananagrams] away from students.”
— Scholastic
“Appletters will tickle word lovers to the core.”
— Everyday with Rachael Ray
“Gotta love the Bananagrams.”
— Kathie Lee Gifford
“This [Bananagrams] is so portable, I stash it in my car.”
— Kristen Bell
“Who’s up for a round of Bananagrams, anybody?”
— Jimmy Kimmel
“I love Bananagrams.”
— Ellen DeGeneres
"Maggie Smith loves it. They'll be like 'can we have you back on set' and she's just like [imperious wave of the hand] 'not now.' "
— Lily James, Lady Rose on Downton Abbey
"...one of my favorite games ever, Bananagrams – a fun, fast,addictive word game that will become a family favorite"
— Katie Couric