Welcome to Wordy Wednesday!

Every week, we'll bring you a fun, rare or handy word on our Fananagrams page. There'll be a definition and, of course, they'll all be words you can play in BANANAGRAMS... Provided you have the letters!
Naturally, we're kicking off with a fruit-related word - one that celebrates Banana Day! The word is BACCATE. It means 'berry like', or 'producing berries'... But what's that got to do with bananas?! Well, you might be surprised to hear that, technically speaking, bananas are berries!
More banana facts:
Bananas grow pointing up, not down.
Bananas do not grow on trees! They grow on bushes.
The banana plant is the largest flowering-herbaceous plant in the world.
Banana plants move up to 40cm in their lifetime!
A banana plant only produces one yield of fruit, then dies!
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