Wordy Wednesday: Acropodium

ACROPODIUM. That's our Wordy Wednesday Word - although if there is more than one, they'd be called acropodia! So what is an ACROPODIUM? Well - it's the plinth on which a statue stands! That's a pretty good fact in itself... But did you also know that while the Statue of Liberty itself was a gift from France, the plinth she stands on was crowdfunded? It sounds incredible, but as the statue waited for assembly in 1885, the group responsible for raising money for her ACROPODIUM had only got about two thirds of the cash... Fortunately, legendary publisher Joseph Pulitzer used his newspaper, The New York World, to ask for small donations. Turns out that promising to publish the details of each contributor was enough to bring in the necessary $100,000!

"We all love Bananagrams – such a fun game for all ages!"
— Cindy Crawford
"Playing Bananagrams with friends! I love this game! I was just named Bananagrams Ninja! Be afraid, I’m amazing!"
— Kelly Clarkson
"(I'm a) self-proclaimed Bananagrams champion..."
— Andrew Luck | Indianapolis Colt's Quarterback
“Why it's fun: Manages to be speedy, challenging and super-simple at the same time.”
— AARP Magazine on Zip-It
“Can you spell P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-O-N”
— Boston Globe
“Bananagrams go Hebrew. We’re kvelling!”
— Cool Mom Picks
“Good luck prying this anagram game [Bananagrams] away from students.”
— Scholastic
“Appletters will tickle word lovers to the core.”
— Everyday with Rachael Ray
“Gotta love the Bananagrams.”
— Kathie Lee Gifford
“This [Bananagrams] is so portable, I stash it in my car.”
— Kristen Bell
“Who’s up for a round of Bananagrams, anybody?”
— Jimmy Kimmel
“I love Bananagrams.”
— Ellen DeGeneres
"Maggie Smith loves it. They'll be like 'can we have you back on set' and she's just like [imperious wave of the hand] 'not now.' "
— Lily James, Lady Rose on Downton Abbey
"...one of my favorite games ever, Bananagrams – a fun, fast,addictive word game that will become a family favorite"
— Katie Couric