We packed Zip-It for the 11 hour flight from London to LA but didn't get the chance to play it until we were sitting by the pool in Las Vegas. Not being the kind of people to just lie around in the sun, we got fidgety and pulled Zip-It out of the bag.

The game's super simple to understand and super addictive; simply use up all your letters before your opponent and the first to 10 wins. You begin by splitting up the 24 cubes, so you have 12 each, then either one of you shouts go and the race is on! Each player needs to make a crossword grid using any side of their cubes, words can be any length, the first to use all their cubes and shout "Zip-It" is the winner!

Zip-It is the game that follows with the phrase, "oh you'll pick it up quick enough", you don't really need to explain what's going on, you just fall into it. It can be over in 20 seconds if you're on the ball, we were hungover so ours lasted slightly longer but we had a fury finish to see who could reach 10 first. Let's just say: Girls 1 Boys 0.

It takes up minimal room, it's easy to keep score and has the handy little booklet "Weords, weird words that win word games" for you to read.

It comes in a handy travel pack with no fiddling around with pens and paper, the score board is literally the zip's on the pack and everything fits perfectly without you trying to ram it back in when you've finished. It takes up minimal room, it's easy to keep score and has the handy little booklet "Weords, weird words that win word games" for you to read.

We've used it countless times on our travels, not just on our journey's but to pass the time on boring tasks such as waiting for our laundry or pizza to cook.

To get a Zip-It yourself simply visit the Bananagrams website, you'll also find a range of other games that come in wacky fruit shaped cases.

Top Tip: Why not make it into a drinking game?

The loser each round has to do a shot... good luck spelling after losing 10 rounds!

"We all love Bananagrams – such a fun game for all ages!"
— Cindy Crawford
"Playing Bananagrams with friends! I love this game! I was just named Bananagrams Ninja! Be afraid, I’m amazing!"
— Kelly Clarkson
"(I'm a) self-proclaimed Bananagrams champion..."
— Andrew Luck | Indianapolis Colt's Quarterback
“Why it's fun: Manages to be speedy, challenging and super-simple at the same time.”
— AARP Magazine on Zip-It
“Can you spell P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-O-N”
— Boston Globe
“Bananagrams go Hebrew. We’re kvelling!”
— Cool Mom Picks
“Good luck prying this anagram game [Bananagrams] away from students.”
— Scholastic
“Appletters will tickle word lovers to the core.”
— Everyday with Rachael Ray
“Gotta love the Bananagrams.”
— Kathie Lee Gifford
“This [Bananagrams] is so portable, I stash it in my car.”
— Kristen Bell
“Who’s up for a round of Bananagrams, anybody?”
— Jimmy Kimmel
“I love Bananagrams.”
— Ellen DeGeneres
"Maggie Smith loves it. They'll be like 'can we have you back on set' and she's just like [imperious wave of the hand] 'not now.' "
— Lily James, Lady Rose on Downton Abbey
" of my favorite games ever, Bananagrams – a fun, fast,addictive word game that will become a family favorite"
— Katie Couric